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Summer Camp

Summer Camp Application Form

Traditional, Natural Science, and Cultural Toys Carnival
(6/11-8/10, 8 weeks)

  • Clay Figures and Charms: Clay figures (clay characteristics, basic shapes of clay practice, design), Design and production of charms, Kendo.

  • Mini Wooden Classical Lamps and Nightlights: Mini wooden classical lamps (polish, designing a pattern, painting, assembly), Nightlights (design your own, composition, production), Painting by numbers, Chinese yo-yo.

  • Natural Science and Cultural Toys: Natural science (assembly of solar toys: mini robots and mini tanks) , Production of cultural toys (rubber band pistol, wooden ball pitcher), Chinese yo-yo.

  • Colorful Art and DIY Crafts: Colorful art (oil painting introduction and techniques, creating a theme and designing), DIY crafts (galaxy bottles, drink coasters), Chinese yo-yo.

  • Wooden Crafts and Mini Clocks: Painted wooden crafts (small bench: polish, composition, crochet, painting), Mini clocks (design, painting, assembly), Dance and kung fu.

  • Mini Bowling Ball Stage and Ring Toss: Mini bowling ball stage (polish, painting, production), Ring toss (design, painting, production), Decoupage shopping bag.

  • English Composition, Mini Capsule Toy Machine and Sand Art: English composition class, Mini capsule toys (origin, production, composition, painting), Sand art (introduction to production of materials, composition, design), Kendo

  • Happy Day Care (Reading time, Art, Kendo, Chess, Free time, Snack time, Other activities)

  • We hope our specially designed summer camp program will allow you and your child to connect and relate more through our cultural enrichment classes, as well as providing your child a fulfilling and memorable summer.

For more information, please give us a call at (408)252-2865

Summer Camp Application Form

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