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Happy Childhood Education Center

Happy Childhood Education center is a certified traditional language school, also known as a heritage school. The center provides daily after school care for children aged from 5 to 12. Students grade K-8 may enroll in our program. (Minimum age is 4 years and 9 months).

Happy childhood is a team that emphasizes education, a team whose mission is to intellectually excite and prepare the younger generations to come. We firmly believe that it is important to foster the growth and development of these students, and we know that as parents, you do too.

2018 Summer Camp Registration

From 6/11 to 8/10, each week students will have the opportunity to learn special Chinese cultural topics. The curriculum offered is deep and rich in content, allowing students to systematically progress and challenge themselves to the fullest potential. By challenging and educating our students, we hope to pass down the hard working mindset and determination that our culture has embodied for generations. We hope to teach the children to interact in the games and establish good relationships, along with enhancing their personal charisma. Detailed course content.More Details click here.

2018-19 Chinese After School Program Enrollment

More Details and Teacher Introductions

What this school offers:
Chinese  :  Simplified and Traditional Chinese classes taught based on evaluation of the students’ skill levels.
Mathematics  :  Building mathematical concepts, improvement of calculations、Common Core Standards for                              English word problems, Math Olympiad, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, etc.
English  :  Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, these all correlate with Common Core Standards.
English School Homework Help  :  Provide ChromeBooks for students to use on their homework if needed, have                                                                   teachers to help tutor and/or assist students on homework.
Practice Tests  :  CAASPP(California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress), advanced                                  sixth grade testing (middle school math diagnostic tests)
Talent, Moral, Physical Activity  :  According to different levels of students will arrange to have                                                                Chinese Poetry, “Standards for Being Good Students” (Di zi                                                                gui), “Confucian Analects” (lun yu), Chinese Idioms, Jelic,                                                                Children’s dance, singing, Recorder, Percussion, Lion Dance,                                                                Drawing class,Craft class, Spanish, and many other classes.
Music ensemble  :  According to the instruments the students can play, we will arrange them as                                     accompaniment in the songs we learn, interactive group activities, little percussion                                     group…etc.
Available electives:
Writing (English) MPM
Art Computer
Chess Science
Kung Fu Model Making
Piano (Private) Music (Group)