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Course Description

Homework Help

During homework sessions, teachers can and will provide help students if needed. The objective of these homework sessions is to aid students in the completion of their assignments, so that they may spend their time on other activities at home.

Traditional Language and Culture Education

  • Chinese (students will be placed in appropriate Traditional or Simplified classes upon evaluation)
  • Phonetic, Pinyin, Traditional, and Simplified curriculum are offered to diversify the students’ knowledge and to generate greater interest in the Chinese language (5th graders in the Traditional Chinese class will be taught Hanyu Pinyin).

  • Literature Appreciation
  • Study the famous Tang Dynasty poets, Chinese history, and classic Chinese literature such as Di Zi Gui and Zhu’s Maxims and discover more about the world of Chinese literature.

  • We will teach students to sing poems, songs, ballads, folk songs, and art songs.
  • The Analects of Confucius
  • Learn the teachings, words, and deeds of Confucius and his disciples in ancient literature, such as his well-known Code of Conduct and other ideologies.

  • Idioms and Proverbs
  • Understand and learn the meaning, story, and history of Chinese idioms and proverbs and apply these ideas in the real world.

English and CAASPP(California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)

  • English (students will be placed in appropriate classes upon evaluation)
  • Our English classes are structured to improve students’ vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing proficiency.

  • CAASPP Test Practice
  • 5 to 6 weeks of mock examinations are provided to prepare students for the testing environment.

Math Classes

Following the California Common Core Standards, students will use different ways to solve application problems. Students will be given problems that will prepare them for the Math Olympiad, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra.


Jelica is perfect for students who have a spontaneous desire to learn. Helps enable students to have their own textbooks and learning progress, adapt to individual differences and learn to tackle a variety of situtions.

Group Activities

We hope students will learn how to interact in games and establish good relationships with others. We also wish to enhance each individual’s personal charisma.

Lion Dance Classes

Experience the power and beauty of lion dancing—the skills of dance and martial arts are acquired through the mastery of one’s rhythm, and students learn the importance of teamwork in the process of discussing and coordinating choreography.

Little Percussion

Learn to play the recorder, harmonica, xylophone, glockenspiel, drums, percussion, etc.


Zhuyin Course Content

Pinyin Course Content

First Grade Traditional Course Content

First Grade Simplified Course Content

Second Grade Traditional Course Content

Second Grade Simplified Course Content

Third Grade Traditional Course Content

Third Grade Simplified Course Content

Fourth Grade Traditional Course Content

Fourth Grade Simplified Course Content

Fifth Grade Traditional Course Content

Fifth Grade Simplified Course Content

Advanced Class Course Content

Electives (Classes mentioned below require a separate fee)

  • English Writing (Grades 2 and above)
  • Students are given individual guidance by experienced teachers on essential writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar.

  • MPM (Grades K-8)
  • Students are taught to approach math problems logically and independently while they continue to progress their problem-solving skills.

  • Chess (Grades K and above, students will be placed in appropriate classes upon evaluation)
  • Learn to think quickly, strategically, and decisively while playing one of the world’s most challenging puzzle games.

  • • Model Making (Grades K and above, students will be placed in appropriate classes upon evaluation)
  • Learn to assemble models directed by step-by-step instructions and establish a sense of 3D shapes through hands-on activities, building skills in logical thinking.

  • Art (Grades K and above, students will be placed in appropriate classes upon evaluation)
  • Study how to use brushes, pastels, watercolors, and learn different methods of coloring, drawing, and painting, as well as the art of pottery, all taught by a well-known Bay Area art teacher.

  • Kung Fu (Grades 1 and above)
  • Increase your flexibility, balance, strength, and physical fitness and stay healthy!

  • Group Music Tutoring (Grades K-2, students will be placed in appropriate groups upon skill evaluation) Strengthen hearing and recognition skills with the
  • Strengthen hearing and recognition skills with the famed Suzuki method of teaching. Play the piano and learn the foundations of music, improvisation, and sight reading. Become immersed in the world of music!

  • Private Music Tutoring
  • Learn one-on-one and participate in the Certificate of Merit skill examinations.

Teacher Introductions

Happy Childhood Education Center is dedicated to not only imparting knowledge into the minds of the students, but also to cultivating and nurturing their character to help them become respectable young adults in the future.

Our teachers are known for their responsibility and excellence in teaching. Most of our teachers have ECE education credentials and years of experience in education and teaching. Many of them also come from China or Taiwan and have graduated from teaching and/or language related departments in their respective schools, or teach at local Chinese schools.

Our electives teachers have all received professional training or teaching certification.

English: Ms. Vermillion is an English teacher from a local Bay Area high school. Ms.Cox Bay Area private school English teacher, two teachers are qualified with the California Certified teacher qualifications.

MPM: Ms. Hu is a certified MPM teacher.

Chess: Mr. Anthony teaches at the San Francisco Mechanics Institute.

Model Making: Mr. Liu is an aerospace model teacher and has received a first place award at an international competition in Turkey.

Coco Computer: Ms. Yang is certified MPM-COCO teacher.

Art: Mr. Wen of the San Francisco Art Institute has won numerous awards and recognition for his excellence in art.

Kung Fu and Dance: Mr. Liu is a well-known Bay Area performer with skill at the national level.